puxxle + helvetiq = puxxle Swiss Collection

We are proud to announce the New Collection: puxxle Swiss Collection.
Pixel by pixel you can discover a Cow, a Gnome or a cute St. Bernard.

Available at: and in stores in Switzerland.

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Puxxle in Pick of the Month - IdN v19n2

IdN v19n2: Sexual Graphics — Visual Orgasm.
see more about IdN

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Making of Shark by puxxle · Barcelona 2012

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New publication

Puxxle in 
PAGE -Issue 06.2012 

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Sant Jordi's day - 23% off - in all puxxles!

"La Diada de Sant Jordi" is on April, 23rd every year. Sant Jordi's day is Saint George's Day in Barcelona and Catalunya. Known as "The Day of Lovers" it is a beautiful day full of romance, roses and books.

The legend, which you probably know, is that Saint Jordi slew a dragon to save a princess and then gave her a red rose from a rose bush which sprouted in the place where the dragon's red blood had spilled. This legend has inspired Catalunya to create Sant Jordi's day as a Catalan version of Valentine's day. On Sant Jordi's day, men in Catalunya give their sweetheart(s) a red rose, and in recent years, women have started giving a book in return.

We absolutely love Sant Jordi. Yet, someone should give us a good explanation, why a man receives a book, when a woman only receives a flower! No more of this!

The puxxle-Sant-Jordi offer is meant as a gift for ALL special people.
So for 23 hours, starting at 00:01 on april 23rd until 23:00, 23% off of all Puxxles! 

Check it out!

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Making Of · Björn The Reindeer

Jonas & Sanna from Sweden, made this fantastic Making Of.  Source

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Puxxle Tribute ( 2nd collection )

We all have heros, but even more there are people that we admire.
The Puxxle Tribute is dedicated to the people WE admire!

We start the collection with Albert for his relative creativity,
Fernando for his poetry and Mum for her tolerance and cookies.

Guess, who will be next!

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Shipping information

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