Sant Jordi's day - 23% off - in all puxxles!

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"La Diada de Sant Jordi" is on April, 23rd every year. Sant Jordi's day is Saint George's Day in Barcelona and Catalunya. Known as "The Day of Lovers" it is a beautiful day full of romance, roses and books.

The legend, which you probably know, is that Saint Jordi slew a dragon to save a princess and then gave her a red rose from a rose bush which sprouted in the place where the dragon's red blood had spilled. This legend has inspired Catalunya to create Sant Jordi's day as a Catalan version of Valentine's day. On Sant Jordi's day, men in Catalunya give their sweetheart(s) a red rose, and in recent years, women have started giving a book in return.

We absolutely love Sant Jordi. Yet, someone should give us a good explanation, why a man receives a book, when a woman only receives a flower! No more of this!

The puxxle-Sant-Jordi offer is meant as a gift for ALL special people.
So for 23 hours, starting at 00:01 on april 23rd until 23:00, 23% off of all Puxxles! 

Check it out!

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